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Driven by curiosity we master todays' and tomorrows' challenges of work. Our passion is to give people a trusted tool at hand for their career development, to best align with and drive business performance.

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Viktoria Szalontai

Founder & CEO
CEO and Founder of hrtechventures: Viktoria Szalontai
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  • I have always followed my passion and interests with a focus on cognition and life sciences.

  • My studies include Psychology (UZH), Human Motion Science and Sports (ETH), Breath Therapy (IKP) and HR Management and Development.

  • To better understand technological developments and the potential and implications of Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence on General HR Management and People Development, I immersed into these topics at the University of Oxford.

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our own custom framework

Career Journey MAP Framework

The Career Journey MAP Framework illustrates a three dimensional take on how to manage your individual talent. It highlights how we develop, accelerate or transform your journey and help you gain access to your resources. It helps you to actively take control of your career.

The three dimensions are discussed in three workshops, the PERSONAmeter where we analyse your curriculum and persona, the Persona in action where we explore your value proposition and the job you get done and the Career Journey MAP where we get an outlook on where you are heading.

The Career Journey MAP Framework is inspired by classic two dimensional innovation models where the job to be done perspective is seen as a section within the time dimension of the Journey Map. It‘s where the experience and end goals of a job are becoming humanised and contextualised goals over time.

In our three dimensional framework however we get even more human centric and are considering jobs to be done as a second dimension. It‘s where personas gain experience and further development and generate a non linear career journey that needs to be aligned with the common goals and purpose of the organisation.

Our approach is hence an integrative Talent Management Framework that works both ways and bridges the individual with the corporate perspective.

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