Female Leadership

We encourage you to use your feminity for a successful career journey

For the challenges of the 21st-century there is arguably a call for a new type of leadership, one favorable to women in positions of power. Not surprisingly female leaders around the world where excelling at managing the pandemic.

Men and Women can make use of a feminine communication and leadership style to be successful in their careers. Actually, Barack Obama is a prototype for female leadership rhetoric. He barely speaks of himself, always mentions others first. He has a rather psychological go on how he tells stories and speaks in a narrative and inductive instead of a solely facts-based, logical and deductive way.

This workshop is directed to women and men who are interested in the topic. It is to showcase the multifacetted nature of feminity and the benefits of female leadership. This is to encourage women and men to use their feminity and female rhetoric to be successful in business.

We will be focusing on following topics:​

  • The female side of leadership and how to create your own toolbox
  • The female way of confident demeanour and communication
  • Female visibility and assertiveness in meetings
  • How a female discussion style promotes trust and co-operation
  • Typical tripping hazard of women in business and how to avoid them​

Join this workshop to learn about how to move successfully within an organisation.

After an inspirational dive into the topic we will introduce you to the female toolbox framework and complement it with your inputs. You will gain new ideas and practical skills and tools. You will have the chance to exchange and learn from other business ladies' experiences. Find out and learn about your skills and how to use your own female toolbox in a win-win way.

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