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Agile People Strategy

How persona and jtbd fit in your people strategy

Traveling is a beautiful way to expand your horizon. It begins with searching a destination, planning the journey and then having all the experiences that will stay with you for ever. Talent Management is just like that. You take people aboard an organisation and take them on a developmental journey.

Teams working in software, UX design or other fields of innovation are usually the practitioners who know the difference between design thinking, JTBD and persona. While marketing becomes more and more savy of these topics here‘s one interesting thing. Persona are designed to better understand the needs of customers. Design thinking and JTBD are ways to come closer to that goal. While persona are fictional to semi-fictional in marketing to understand a targeted customer audience, in innovation we usually are creating machines, software, tools or services for people and we do that to address certain needs. It‘s always people creating solutions for people. ​

We at hrtechventures help you to integrate persona and jtbd into your people strategy. We help you to create persona to enhance personnel files with helpful metrics and provide you with a JTBD approach to enrich job profiles. In this ways you gain a better representation of your target customers within your teams, to best serve them and to be more agile in product and service adaptation.​

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