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Performance Management and New Work​

Leadership is too important to leave it only to managers 

The past 100 years were characterised by automation and a shift from manual production to efficient machine processes and structures. The next centuries will be qualified by the proceduralization of leadership. What managers have decided individually in a top-down process are now supported or challenged in collegial leadership processes with distributed decision models.​

Leadership will be an integral part of work for everybody and more and more people throughout organisations from custodians, administrators to sales people will be managing and taking part in decision making and leadership.​

A collegial and self-directed organization is not to be mistaken with laissez-faire, lack of emotional commitment, lack of hierarchy, arbitrariness, grassroots democracy, endless discussions or mediocracy. In order for leadership to become part of everyones’ work, organisations need an effective and powerful social architecture and infrastructure, a clear organizational frame and a set of easy to use tools. ​

Todays’ known structures, processes, skills, tools and principles give us a guideline to implement and develop a new type of leadership culture. We are taking a look at what it means to integrate new leadership forms, communication and technology into an existing organizational structure and provide solutions for performance and talent management in those models.​


For Chief Executives, Line Managers, Human Resources Managers, Organisation and Product Developers, Company Consultants and Innovators.

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