Frequently asked questions

What is it that you do?

We provide talent and performance management, tools and workshops to individuals and corporations. We help you to integrate technology with your people strategy. We do that by our consulting services and by offering an App for your individual career journey as well as a talent and performance management software for corporations.​

How much do your services cost?​

Since we offer a bespoke service that is driven by client needs, the fees vary and are determined by multiple factors, e.g. the number of modules, complexity and duration of the project. We can discuss your individual needs in a discovery meeting and determine the size of your HR Business Management package.

What do I get from workshops?

The simple answer is: results. The more precise answer is: it depends on the topics and goals you set for yourself. Do you want to improve your performance, your KYC understanding, develop a clear profile or your professional journey? In tendency the outcomes are: better relationships, more success in both work and life, a better sense of direction and purpose, greater self-knowledge and resilience, increased confidence in yourself and better control over your professional life.​

How much time will it take?

The PERSONAmeter workshop is a matter of 10 hours the Ignite Persona and Career Journey MAP sessions take 5 hours while you should also calculate some time to take for self editing and reflection. To complete the Career Journey MAP Framework we should take 2 to 3 months to ensure the desired results. Also there is always the opportunity to come back and revisit persona, jtbd and specific career journey items at a later stage. A coaching session takes about 1 hour. However, sessions may last up to 90 min to make the most of your coaching experience.​ Workshops and Seminars that are tailored and specifically designed for the needs of corporate clients may vary from a few hours to a one day setting.

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Are you a recruitement agency?

No, we are not a recruitement agency. We don’t do recruitment or placement. Our services and products in talent and performance management are designed to help individuals and businesses to match candidates to job profiles. We enable people to implement their strengths and knowledge where these assets will be used and valued. We help businesses to save time to find or to develop their talent by applying persona and JTBD. And we help businesses to apply adequate performance management in a digital world.

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How do your services differ?

We work with both private individuals and corporate clients and offer services that are designed to meet these clients' needs. With corporate clients we focus on performance, improvement, and productivity in Talent Management, Performance Management and Individual Projects in HR Business Management. With the PERSONAmeter, Ignite Persona and the Career Journey MAP we focus on relationships, value proposition, persona, job profile and the career development of individuals.

We are located far away. Can we still work with you?

Yes, absolutely. We are based in Zurich and enjoy working both face to face and digitally. If you’re interested in working with us simply send an inquiry through the ​contact form.

How do your products differ?

By human centric innovation strategies and blockchain technology used for HR Business Management specifically focusing on Talent and Performance Management.

I have another question. What now?

If you have a question that is not answered here or have a specific inquiry reach out and send us a message, We’ll gladly get back to you within 48h.​

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