Lifehacks for your employer branding

A few tips for a pragmatic take on your employer brand 

Strategy is important. In life, business, in team sports you name it. Still, some say that their gut feel and heart are their best and most reliable advisors. While team members working in finance and having to deliver to KPI goals are not likely to say they fully agree.

So, there are areas where we clearly do and others where we do not necessarily have strategies. Sometimes, there is no strategy because nobody has developed KPIs in a field. Let’s say for your employer brand or employee experience. Because yes, it would be advisable to develop a strategy in those fields but there might be a lack of resources such as time, competency or budget. Well, then you have the following possibilities:

Let it happen

Continue to do «nothing». To do nothing strategically does not necessarily have to end up in desaster. But this requires you being intuitively on the right track already. Take your people or customer focus for example, you probably have documented it somewhere in your corporate values, right? Transfer it onto your candidates.

Take people seriously

Easier said than done. Probably one of the statements on your career site says, that your employees are your most important asset. Well, make this visible. 

Select and empower leadership

Most companies have people development programs, programs in coaching, mentoring etc., programs to develop people into leadership positions. Still, many employees quit because of their team leads or superiors. So, something's not right. You might want to revisit the programs and see if there is a need to further develop your training in social competencies and empathy or select future leaders according to a new set of criteria. 

Be a role-model

Again, easier said than done. So, no exaggerations, it’s just that people are seeking orientation every now and then and like to be inspired. Simple values such as treating others the way you want to be treated might already do the trick to start with. Regardless of your position, walk the talk and statue an example. If you are in a leading role, there is an obligation to do that.

These are examples of how to go about it without a strategy but an inner demeanour. Your mindset and attitude make many things possible. It can give people the right direction, drive and create excitement. Taking a stance shapes culture. This will form your employer brand more deeply than any expensive marketing activity. I’d like to encourage everyone to work on it.

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