basic income

Today I’ve read an article on basic income and recalled that I voted against the initiative 2016 because I thought it was not sophisticated or fully elaborated yet. Of course Youth and Women are more receptive to the subject precisely because Youth is aware of having to prepare for the challenges of changing labour and working environments and Women are more likely to work part-time and experience the aftermath of less social security and pension fund contributions.

Nevertheless, I agree with Thomas Straubhaar, Swiss National and Economy Professor at the University of Hamburg who says that our Social Institutions in Switzerland and Germany were established in the 19th century and arouse of the circumstances at that time and have only been revised to a certain degree. Social Institutions thereby means social security, especially health security, old-age pension and unemployment insurance. Revision means a systematic approach beyond the layers of a Tax Reform and OASI Funding. The pandemic actually highlights that it is a good and rather pragmatic idea to revisit the underlaying paradigms and adjust the social systems to current circumstances. Whether the result is basic income or another solution.

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